8 Tips to Survive a Long Plane Journey ...


Long plane journeys can be something of a nightmare. Unless you’re lucky enough to be flying first or business class, you’re pretty much in for hours of sore, cramped legs, noisy neighbours, crying children and ‘interesting’ airline food. If you don’t take preparatory steps to guard against this terrible combination of factors, the chances are good you’ll be asking the air hostess for hard liquor. To help to keep you sane (and relatively sober) while you’re in flight, I’ve had a think and put together a list of 8 tips to survive a long plane journey.

1. Book Your Tickets Early

Planning ahead is the first and best tip to survive a long plane journey. There are a few advantages to securing your flight as early as possible, and one of these is a pick of the seats. While many people are keen to sit next to a window, I’d recommend going for a seat on the aisle, especially if you’re not good at sitting still. You’ll be able to get up and walk around while you’re in flight without incurring the wrath of your neighbours by climbing over them.

Dress Appropriately
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