7 Tips to Know before You Take Your First Cruise ...


Before you take your first cruise, you probably have a whole laundry list of questions: What should I pack? Do I need to bring anything special? Are there things I should do before the cruise? This article attempts to answer some of those questions before you take your first cruise. These seven important tips can help make your cruise experience fun and hassle-free.

1. Pack a Power Strip

If nothing else, pay attention to this important piece of information before you take your first cruise. Most cabins on cruise ships only have one or two electrical outlets. Plus, these scarce outlets are often located in inconvenient spots. On my last Carnival cruise, the one outlet in the room was down by the floor, behind my bed. Pack a power strip in your suitcase. It doesn’t hurt to pack an extension cord, too.

Bringing Soda and Alcohol on-Board
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