7 Tips for Choosing a Travel Companion ...


If you're planning a trip and you don't have someone to accompany you on your travels, you may be looking for tips for choosing a travel companion and this list may help. Traveling is a wonderful adventure but all too often, we hear those urban travel tales of adventures being spoilt by arguments and conflicts between travel companions. Of course, fall-outs are inevitable where human beings are concerned, but often these can be avoided with some careful vetting before traveling. We assume that our best travel companion will be our best friend because, well, we're BFFs and we get on sooooo well! But sometimes our best friend on home turf can turn out to be our worst enemy as soon as we change time-zones. These tips for choosing a travel companion may help avoid travel trauma in the future.

1. Goals and Expectations

Choosing a travel companion takes time, as sometimes two people can have very different goals and expectations. Firstly, talk to your potential travel companion at great length about what your respective goals and expectations are. Why are you going and what do you each hope to achieve from the trip? Openness and honesty are key here as you're going to be spending a lot of time together. If one of you is intent on doing as little as possible during the day and partying all night whilst the other is keen to see the sights and rest in the evening, it may not work out.

Crucial Questions
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