7 Attractions at Airports You Wouldn't Mind Being Delayed for ...

The boredom of long waits or flight delays can be eased when there are attractions at airports you enjoy looking at or doing. Itโ€™s a rare traveler who finds joy in the entire end to end flying process but some attractions at airports can definitely up the ante for making the journey so much better.

1. Heathrow Airport, England

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A convenient place to rest may not seem like one of your typical airport attractions, but for those who canโ€™t sleep well while traveling on a plane, Heathrowโ€™s mini resting rooms a welcome sight. Before you arrive at the security checkpoint there are comfy, small rooms that can be booked for from a few hours to a whole day. Compact yet comfortable, these rooms include a bathroom and shower. Post-security, napping rooms are available in Terminal 3, where you can choose a bunk or single bed, each with a shower. You can stay in these rooms between 6am and 10:30 pm, no overnight stays are allowed.

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