7 Safety Tips Every Woman Who Travels Alone Should Know ...

By Corina

7 Safety Tips Every Woman Who Travels Alone Should Know ...

There are quite a few safety tips you should know if you’re a woman who often travels alone. Whether you do this for business or because you want to find yourself, you should still be careful because there are a lot of dangers you shouldn’t ignore. In order to have an adventure worth telling, keep your wits about you and keep in mind a few safety rules that you should obey. Here are 7 safety tips every woman who travels alone should know:

Table of contents:

  1. don’t flash your cash
  2. check in with your friends and family
  3. travel during the day
  4. be loud
  5. don’t drink the water!
  6. don’t get drunk!
  7. don’t dress to impress

1 Don’t Flash Your Cash

One of the most important safety tips you should keep in mind if you are a woman and you’re traveling alone is to never flash your cash or your jewelry. Don’t take all your cash with you every day when you are visiting a new place. Have small amounts in your wallet or in your shirt pocket for tips or for food and stash other money in more than one place. You could even carry a dummy wallet if you know that you’re going to a place known for pickpockets.

2 Check in with Your Friends and Family

If you travel alone make sure that you always check in with your friends and family as you make your way. They can track your flight using an app like Flightaware so they will know when your plane has landed. Also, make sure that you have a safety word so they’ll know if something is wrong when you answer your phone.

3 Travel during the Day

Make sure that you travel during the day, especially if you are alone. You wouldn’t want to be traipsing at night through a dark alley or through a dark parking garage. If you can’t avoid it, talk on the phone with your friends or with your relatives until you get to the hotel where you’re staying.

4 Be Loud

Because fear can be paralyzing, if you’re in trouble, make sure that you’re as loud as possible. If you’re not a screamer, then simply carry a Personal Screaming Device or “the Storm”, which is the world’s loudest whistle. It is said that the Storm is so loud that even people wearing a helmet can hear it.

5 Don’t Drink the Water!

Whenever you are traveling, especially if you are traveling alone, make sure that you don’t drink the water. Bottled water is always the safest and it’s also better tasting. Tap water is probably fine if it’s properly filtered. But sometimes even water filters can miss E coli or the rotavirus, so consider buying a travel water bottle with a purifier.

6 Don’t Get Drunk!

Don’t ever get drunk if you are traveling alone because intoxication can reduce not only your inhibitions but also your awareness of your surroundings and I’m sure you wouldn’t want any predatory drugs (ecstasy, roofies) to get slipped into your beverage.

7 Don’t Dress to Impress

When you are traveling alone, try to dress as comfortably as possible. Try not to stand out, choose a versatile wardrobe and make sure that you pick some non-wrinkly clothes. Just keep your jewelry at home and pick a neutral-based color scheme when it comes to your clothes.

One of the best safety tips I could give you is to tell you to try to always look like you know what you are doing, so walk with determination and purpose because lost comes off as weak and vulnerable. Do you know any other safety tips every woman who travels alone should know? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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