10 Things You Must πŸ’― Not Forget πŸ—― to Pack for Vacation β˜€οΈ ...


There are some important things you must not forget to pack when you decide to go somewhere. That way, when you get where you're going, you don't find yourself spending your vacation fund on a forgotten essential.

So, you made it to your holiday date! Well done! Now it is time to pack. Here are 10 things you must not forget to pack.

1. Your Passport, or Travel ID

It is all too common when you have just left your home to get to the airport in your cab, Lyft of Uber, and realize that you have left the most important thing you need on your trip…your passport or travel ID! Keep them visible, take them out the night before, and leave them near something you won’t forget. For example, near your mobile phone or house keys! They are also important when you go out to bars, clubs and even some music venues and are one of the things you must not forget to pack.

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