8 Things to See in Athens ...


If you’re planning to visit this huge, interesting city, you’re probably interested to know more about things to see in Athens- Am I right? Well, I might be able to help you with that. I’m still new to this whole experience and Athens is still a bit scary and amazingly huge so forgive me for not being able tell you everything about everything. There are many interesting things to see in Athens, that’s for sure, and here are some you might want to check out first:

1. Acropolis

Hah! You saw this coming – didn’t you? But seriously now, why bother coming to Athens if you’re not planning on seeing the most popular thing in it? The restoration is still in progress and it’s been this way for years now although I must say you’ll get to see a lot of things that were a complete mess back in 2005 when I visited for the first time. The Acropolis site includes 21 separate buildings, sanctuaries and temples so make sure you wear your comfy shoes!

The Acropolis Museum
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