The Most Beautiful Places for Selfies in Israel ...

Whether you are going to the land of Israel for spiritual growth or visiting friends and family, you will definitely want to see these remarkable Instagram-ready places that will be the perfect drop back for your most fascinating selfies yet.

From the old town of Jerusalem to natural wonders and picture-perfect Mediterranean sea, Israel has everything you need and more! So, what are we waiting for you, if you are ready to hop on one of the many flights to Israel available from any place in the world, these are the cities and natural wonders you will definitely want to see and share on your Instagram!

1. Red Canyon - Eilat

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One of the most recognizable sceneries you've seen on Instagram dozens of times is the Red Canyon of Eilat. Get ready for a serious photoshoot just ourside the city, amidst mountainous desert that is home to 100 feet tall red sandstones in the most beautiful and out-of-this-world shapes.

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