The Most Beautiful Places for Selfies in Israel ...


The Most Beautiful Places for Selfies in Israel ...
The Most Beautiful Places for Selfies in Israel ...

Whether you are going to the land of Israel for spiritual growth or visiting friends and family, you will definitely want to see these remarkable Instagram-ready places that will be the perfect drop back for your most fascinating selfies yet.

From the old town of Jerusalem to natural wonders and picture-perfect Mediterranean sea, Israel has everything you need and more! So, what are we waiting for you, if you are ready to hop on one of the many flights to Israel available from any place in the world, these are the cities and natural wonders you will definitely want to see and share on your Instagram!

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Red Canyon - Eilat

Formation, Canyon, Wadi, Narrows, Geology, One of the most recognizable sceneries you've seen on Instagram dozens of times is the Red Canyon of Eilat. Get ready for a serious photoshoot just ourside the city, amidst mountainous desert that is home to 100 feet tall red sandstones in the most beautiful and out-of-this-world shapes.


Acre - North Israel

Hair, Facial hair, Beard, Moustache, Hairstyle, Acre is so rich in history, around every corner there's an Instagram-ready scene - a gorgeous molded building, historical ruins, a colorful market - you choose!

An evening walk along the port will give you another dozen of incredible photos!


Masada National Park

Sky, Blue, Night, Star, Mountain, Masada National Park is a famous historical place as well as a natural wonder protected by UNESCO. You can use the cable car or hike, but the view of the Dead Sea from the top of the plateau will be absolutely worth every effort. Get that camera ready!



Yellow, Temple, Cool, Street fashion, Turban, Known for its incredible history and archeological value, Nazareth is one of the oldest and most famous places on Earth for all Christians.


Sea of Galilee

Body of water, Sky, Coast, Water resources, Sea, If you are looking for an incredible scenery, this is the perfect spot. Apart from being the largest lake in Israel and one of the most beautiful natural wonders, this is the place where the miraculous walk of Jesus on the water occurred according to the New Testament. How amazing is that?


Golan Heights

Mountainous landforms, Mountain, Rock, Ridge, Wilderness, If you are into hiking and beautiful sceneries, this is another place you might want to visit. Breathtaking views you can not find anywhere else. If you come in spring, you'll be amazed by the green of the valleys and abundant blooms.



Palm tree, Botany, Tree, Plant, Arecales, Bahai Garden and the gorgeous beach are the must-see places in Haifa. If you love to surf, this is just the right location for your Instagram pictures!


Tel Aviv

People on beach, Beach, Sky, Sand, Summer, Tel Aviv is an incredible city to visit, from all the fun things that a big modern city can offer, it also has the most beautiful beaches, restaurants, cafes, and night clubs. Famous for its open mind-ness, it's gay pride parades as well as Purim street parties - are something definitely to part-take!



Ancient history, Ruins, Archaeological site, Wall, Building, One of the most famous historical cities in the world, Jerusalem will give you enough history for selfies at every corner. The Old City is a place that will wow youRam and that will translate into your photos as well.


Ramon Crater

Geology, Wadi, Badlands, Landscape, Rock, If you are adventurous enough for off the grid locations, you might make a trip to Ramon Crater. Located in Negev Desert, the Ramon Crater is the biggest one in the world, just think of all the likes that picture will get you!


Dead Sea

Water, Sea, Vacation, Sky, Leisure, The Dead Sea is one of the most incredible places on Earth. The amount of salt composition in the water is so high, you will literally float on water. Apart from being amazing for your health, it will also let you make the most fascinating selfies.



Vacation, Water, Fun, Tropics, Leisure, Known as the vacation destination of Israeli, Eilat has everything one would expect from a great vacation city. If snorkeling and diving are your passion you'll be able to take the most beautiful pictures of the rich underwater life of the Red Sea in this place.

From vibrant cities with their colorful markets and cafes, to pristine beaches and magical sceneries, your Instagram account will be full of the most fascinating pictures if you do travel to Israel and visit a few of these destinations.

What's your favorite photo spot from the above? Please, let us know on social media!

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