7 Sustainable Villages in the World ...


Sustainable villages are communities where living is as eco-friendly as possible. Generally, they are planned developments created to be low impact on the environment. Some of the earlier ones were considered a bit โ€œnew ageโ€ and a bit โ€œout there,โ€ shall we say, but modern ones have the ethos of being an investment in a low carbon future and doing things better. Sustainable villages are designed to combat climate change and to maximize the efficiency of resources used as minimally as possible. Growing slower in number, here are a few of the current sustainable villages in the world.

1. Emerald Earth, California, US

Founded in 1989, this community was intentionally established to forge a path of sustainability. Situated over 189 acres in Mendocino County, California, the commune of around a dozen people share a house with a communal kitchen, dining and recreational areas, as well as bathroom facilities. As one of the more highly developed of sustainable villages, Emerald Earth supports a sauna and a greenhouse, alongside four solar-heated cabins with wood stoves. All electricity in Emerald Earth is generated by solar panels and gas. No septic system has been installed, as the composting outhouses negate the necessity.

Chew Magna, United Kingdom
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