7 Sticky Travel Situations and How to Deal with Them ...


Not knowing how to deal with sticky travel situations should they arise could derail your vacation or trip. There’s nothing worse than feeling helpless in a foreign country and not knowing what you can do to sort it out. The thing to remember is that all sticky travel situations have a solution.

1. Lost in a Strange Place

The most commonplace of sticky travel situations is getting lost. Add in the fact that you might be alone and might not speak the language and sticky becomes a little frightening. There are a few ways to deal with being lost in a foreign place: The old fashioned way is to write the name and address of your accommodation down before you venture out. Even if you can’t speak the language, the piece of paper will work for you. If that seems a little too close to home for safety, make a note of your nearest landmark and use that as your base marker instead. Of course, you could always carry a street map with you but modern technology has greatly enhanced the ways to get out of tricky travel situations. GPS functions, apps with street maps and translator apps can all help with being lost in a foreign place. I have also found that if you are really stuck, walk into the nearest hotel and ask them to help – the very least they will do is call you a cab.

Locked out of Your Accommodation
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