7 Rules of Etiquette for the Airplane Bathroom ...


There’s advice on how to dress for a flight, how to deal with a terrible seat neighbor, how to pass the time and tips for nervous flyers, but do you give much thought to airplane bathroom etiquette? It may seem so trivial, but when you think you might be on a transatlantic or intercontinental flight that could mean you’re in the air for 24+ hours with maybe 300 people, airplane bathroom etiquette takes on greater significance. Now that it’s more important, here are the rules we should try and stick to and hope all the other passengers do too.

1. Lock the Door

Sure, you had to take 3 months of yoga prior to your trip just to be able to contort yourself, and perhaps your belongings like a purse, into that small space. All for the sole purpose of fulfilling one of the most basic human needs. Despite your pride in a newly acquired flexibility, display some airplane bathroom etiquette and lock the door. No one needs to see you in the middle of ‘downward-aiming-dog’.

Go at the Right Time
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