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7 Reasons Why Cruises Are Attractive for Families ...

By Neecey

In recent years, cruising has moved away from being the domain of retirees and single women on the prowl for a husband, but you may ask why cruises are attractive for families. Cruises are a fabulous family vacation and there’s been a symbiotic development of cruise companies catering better to families and families booking more cruises than ever previously. It used to be a struggle to find cruise ships that were kid-friendly but now there are so many great options. Here’s why cruises are attractive for families.

1 Megaships

Most cruise line operators regularly overhaul their fleet and every ship is bigger and better. Modern cruise ships are more like floating cities. Everything you can imagine is on board. One of the reasons why cruises are attractive for families is that ships are more than floating resorts. They have amenities and entertainments galore, and all in one place, so no travelling. Ships have fun things like water parks, climbing walls, bumper cars, rope courses, huge pools, bowling alleys, mini golf, casinos, movie theaters la di da….

2 Multi-generational

If you’ve ever tried to book a multi-generational vacation you will know how difficult it is finding somewhere that caters equally well to your 80 year old granny and 4 year old son. One of the great advantages of cruise ships is they know how to satisfy and entertain everyone. As well as plenty of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy, they are special age/generation focused activities and also space set aside.

3 Value for Money

Another of the important reasons to take a family cruise vacation is cost. Taking a family on vacation is never cheap. With more operators building ships with family staterooms and suites that sleep 5-6, cruises are becoming eminently more affordable and dollar for dollar, are excellent value compared to resort/hotel vacations – especially when you consider what is included in the price of the cruise.

4 Teenagers

I know I mentioned multi-generational vacations but teenagers are a class of their own. Vacationing with teenagers can be a nightmare. It’s so hard to find something that will appeal to tweens and teens. Cruise lines have recognized the unique needs of these special people and many now offer attractive options in both ship-wide activities and special shore excursions.

5 Destinations

A cruise is a brilliant way to see a number of places in one trip. Some itineraries feature shore destinations that offer much the same thing with just a different flavor, such as the Caribbean, but the Mediterranean or South East Asia/China Sea cruise where you can visit a number of different countries is an exciting proposition.

6 Themed-cruises

You might imagine that some cruise liners are like theme parks and indeed they are – especially the Disney ships, but some cruise lines are going so far as to offer actual themed cruises. You might be enticed to a Dreamworks Experience on a Royal Caribbean cruise, a Seuss at Sea with Carnival or a Nickelodeon-themed cruise as offered by Norwegian Cruises.

7 Ease

One of the most compelling reasons why cruises are attractive for families is simply their ease. Everyone wants a vacation to be relaxing and fun. Cruises address every issue that can cause friction on family vacations. Once on board every need is met; cabins are well equipped and safe; dining options cater for fussy eaters and any eating time pattern; families can stick together or spend time apart with parents knowing where their kids are and that they are in good hands; there’s excitement but there’s peace and quiet and boredom doesn’t get a look in.

Cruises offer an exceptional all-in-one vacation and with more cruise liners becoming even more-family friendly, it’s no surprise that family cruising is enjoying a surge in popularity. Would you take your family on a cruise?

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