9 Points of Dining Etiquette from around the World ...


Learning about and understanding global eating habits is just one of the things travelers love about their adventures. There are many different rules when eating and drinking all around the world; some a necessity to learn like when the host becomes greatly insulted should you not adhere to protocol. So remember that global eating habits are something to be observed wherever you are, and it makes sense to research the expected behavior before traveling, especially if at some point in your journey you are going to be invited into someone’s home. Here are some global eating habits that are good to know.

1. Portugal

Cooks are held in high regard in Portugal and good dining etiquette in Portugal is not to ask for salt or pepper if there is none present on the table. By asking for salt, pepper or any other seasoning or condiment, this is insulting the chef and so this request should be avoided at all costs to save embarrassment.

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