8 Places to Visit in France ...


France is a beautiful, fascinating country, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Indeed, for first-time visitors, it may seem that literally every region and every city is an absolute must-see, and, while this might be true, it can make planning a holiday a little difficult (not to mention expensive). To give you some ideas, and to help to ensure that you gain a well-rounded, accurate picture of the country, Iโ€™ve compiled a list of 8 places to visit in France.

1. Paris

Franceโ€™s beautiful capital city is a necessary stop on any tour of the country. In addition to itโ€™s role as a centre of global commerce, Paris, perhaps more famously, also occupies the position of cultural hub: youโ€™ll find museums, monuments and gardens at every turn, and the architecture itself makes for an historical experience. Highlights include the Eiffel Tower (of course), Notre Dame, the sinister catacombs, Montmatre, Versailles, the Louvre โ€ฆ the list goes on โ€ฆ

The Dordogne
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