7 Places to Drink Tea around the World and How ...

China Tea, black tea, green tea, herbal tea, decaff tea, breakfast tea, Earl Grey tea, gunpowder tea - there are so many types of tea, but there are places to drink tea around the world where how you drink it and even sometimes, where you drink it is as important as the choice of what you drink. The next time you go to add your milk and two sugars or squeeze a lemon, think on how it’s done traditionally and historically in these places to drink tea and you might make a change to your usual cuppa.

1. Morocco

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When I visited Morocco, I knew it to be one of the places to drink tea and had a vague idea that it was somewhat ritualistic and involved mint. My palate wasn’t really that cultivated back then and although I didn’t enjoy the taste, I appreciated the theatre of the way it was served. Tea in Morocco is generally a mix of green tea and mint tea, with liberal doses of sugar. It is usually poured with a flourish (and some skill) from height into dainty glasses. It’s rude to refuse a cup of tea if you are offered it so just sip it if you don’t like the taste. The glasses are usually small so it’s not such a hardship to avoid offending your host.

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