7 Hot Vacation Planning Tips You Should Consider ...


Whether you’re planning on taking a weekend trip or more of an extended vacation, read up on some of these helpful vacation planning tips to help you out! For me, planning a vacation is all part of the fun. But I know that for some, it can be frustrating and totally stress-inducing to organize transportation, accommodations and where to go. Fear not, my friends; I have some useful vacation planning tips that’ll help make the entire process much easier and more enjoyable!

1. Decide

Vacation planning tips must start with the ever important question of where to go! Think about places you’ve wanted to visit, friends you want to see, or if you’re completely open, why not try a travel app to help you decide?! There are lots of helpful apps and sites like mTrip, Tripadvisor, Pinterest and Trippy. They can help you decide where to go as well as give you some helpful tips and recommendations. You can also look at personal blogs of some places you want to visit to get a better idea of whether it fits your style and budget.

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