7 Geographical Facts of Italy ...


The geographical facts of Italy are as fascinating and interesting as the country itself. The land area of pasta and pizza may not be large in kilometers, but one of the reasons that Italy enjoys a roaring tourist trade is the diversity of its landscape (as well as the art, history and food). Let’s go on a lovely tour of this fabulous country as I introduce some of the geographical facts of Italy. Enjoy!

1. Tallest Mountain in Italy

Mountains could feature in many of the geographical facts of Italy. The country is littered with mountains, some of which are considered the most beautiful in the world. However the title of the highest mountain in Italy is somewhat disputed because it sits on the border with France and both countries lay claim to it. This is Mont Blanc, translating simply to “White Mountain” in English. It rises over 15,780 feet from sea level, and is the highest mountain in the Alps and the highest mountain in the European Union.

Italy’s Deepest Lake
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