7 Geographical Facts of India ...


Come join me as we take a short journey through the geographical facts of India. Let’s together discover some of the amazing wonders of this incredible country that has beguiled and awed travelers for centuries. It is a land of huge cities, vast open plains, stunning coastlines, huge rivers, mangrove forests and imposing mountains, but just what are the key geographical facts of India? Read on.

1. Tallest Mountain in India

This first of our geographical facts of India takes us to the third highest mountain in the world. With an elevation of 8,586 meters, ‘Kangchenjunga’ is known as The Five Treasure of Snows. It acquired this name from the five peaks which make up the mammoth mountain. Travelers know this mountain well for its fantastic views over Darjeeling hill station from its position on the India/Nepal border.

The Longest River in India
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