8 Fun and Memorable Things to do in Las Vegas besides Gambling ...


8 Fun and Memorable Things to do in Las Vegas besides Gambling ...
8 Fun and Memorable Things to do in Las Vegas besides Gambling ...

Have you ever thought about going to Vegas but you weren’t sure if there would be fun things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling? I felt the same way too back in the day! I had no idea why my friends were so excited to haul butt to a desert to sit in a casino but I was so wrong! Vegas has so many different attractions and it’s a far cry from the past when it was all about poker tables and cigars. Allow me to show you a sampling of the many offerings that Las Vegas has to offer!

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Wine and Dine

You gotta eat and one of the best things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling is trying out all the wonderful restaurants all gathered on the strip! You can try international cuisine by renowned chefs, some of the largest buffets you’ll lay your eyes on and treats galore! If you have a sweet tooth like me, try a milkshake at the Sugar Factory, cupcakes at The Cupcakery in Monte Carlo and basically anything at Serendipity!


See a Show

Even if you’re not a big show person, seeing a show is one of the fun and must-do things to do in Vegas. You can find a show to cater to pretty much every taste like comedy, magic, dance, musicals, you name it. Some of the shows can be on the pricey side so I would do some research before heading out there to narrow down which shows you definitely want to see and reserve seats.



Shopping is another thing to do in Las Vegas besides gambling and in my opinion, one of the best! The Las Vegas strip allows you access to some of the most illustrious designers and unique shops worldwide with many of them all in one hotel! If you don’t have the cash to drop at Dior or Hermes but have always wanted to see their merch you can always window shop and drop some dough at the less expensive M&M store!


Shark Reef Aquarium

Seeing an aquarium in a desert might not be first on your to-do list but it’s definitely one of the most extraordinary things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling! Head over to the Mandalay Bay hotel and check out their shark aquarium where you can see everything from sea turtles, jellyfish and over 2,000 more animals for less than a round of drinks at the bar! If you’re feeling rich and ambitious, you can even dive with the sharks!



Las Vegas nightclubs are probably as famous as the casinos they’re in and clubbing is another one of the things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling. So you say you hate to dance? How about taking in the impressive scenery, chatting it up with other tourists or having some drinks? The club scene in Las Vegas is huge and even if you don’t feel like shaking that moneymaker, it’s definitely an experience that you want to have while you’re there! Who knows, you might even spot a celebrity!


Thrill Rides

The Las Vegas strip actually has some pretty cool rides despite the cramped quarters so be sure to add rides to your list of things to do in Vegas too! The New York New York, Stratosphere, Circus Circus, Buffalo Bill’s and downtown Las Vegas’ Fremont Flightlines all have great ways to get your heart pumping minus gambling and alcohol. From indoor roller coasters to sky “jumping”, Vegas has you covered when it comes to thrills!


Not-so-Thrill Rides

If you hate the idea of a thrill ride, not to worry, there are plenty of other things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling and roller coasters. The Venetian hotel offers gondola rides that are peaceful, pleasant and even romantic! If you’re game to venture off the strip, there are horse trail rides, helicopter rides and dune buggy rides that the whole fam bam can enjoy!



OMG, Vegas spas are so luxurious and decadent, you have to try one out as one of the things to in Las Vegas. Everything from the service to the décor is absolutely fabulous and even though it’s on the more expensive side, you deserve a treat! If you’re on a budget, review your options, look at all the reviews and splurge on one treatment and cut back on the other stuff!

If you were on the fence about visiting Vegas, I hope these things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling convinced you to give it a go! There is so much to see and do on the 4.2 mile strip that you’re bound to find something you love! What’s your favorite thing to do in Vegas?

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I live in Vegas and it gets boring easily. I forget about all the fun things we have here! Thanks

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8 Fun And Memorable Things to Do in Las Vegas besides Gambling ...travel (via Twitter)

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