10 Fascinating and Intriguing Stops on Route 66 ...


The Mother Road of USA, Route 66, was actually one of the original main highways built within the highway system of America. The 2448 mile highway was for the most part established in 1926; however the road signs didn’t go up on Route 66 until the following year, but many more years until it was actually paved in places.

Many changes occurred throughout the 50 years that Route 66 served its loyal travelers and is now fondly referred to as the Historic Route 66, as it was replaced completely by the loud and proud Interstate Highway System. For those still wanting to travel the original Route 66 and experience some of the magic the old Route still has to offer, here are 10 Fascinating and Intriguing Stops on Route 66.

1. The Cadillac Ranch, Amirrilo, Texas

Originally a field filled with wheat, now home to a surreal, desert landscape. The Cadillac Ranch is clearly visible from the old Route 66 highway, and is an eccentric collection of old, or barely running Cadillac’s, all made between the years 1949 to 1963.

The Cadillac’s are all planted nose down in the sand, all at an angle. Visitors are encouraged to become graffiti artists and trespassers, as they are invited to enter the private property, spray can in hand, and continue to redecorate the Cadillac’s, all year round.

Ted Drewe’s, Frozen Custard, St. Louis, Missouri
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