7 Essential Things to Pack for Your Ski Vacation ...


There are plenty of things to pack for your ski vacation, so you definitely donโ€™t want to forget anything. Thereโ€™s still plenty of skiing left, even with spring on the way, so now might be the perfect time for you to plan a trip to the mountains. Check out my list of essential things to pack for your ski vacation and youโ€™ll be all set for your trip without having to worry that you left something important at home.

1. Extra Clothes

Skiing can be wet and sloppy, which means you may head back to the lodge with soaked clothing. One of the most important things to pack for your ski vacation is plenty of extra clothes. That way you change into something dry and warm and head back to the slopes. Iโ€™d also suggest packing clothes you can layer. That way you can take them off as you heat up or put them back on when you get chilled.

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