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If you really don’t know the reasons to travel, I’m going to share them with you. Travel is one of the simplest joys of our world. With just a little planning, we can enjoy amazing experiences that enrich our lives in so many ways. If you need some convincing reasons to travel, take my hand and come with me.

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Pops Your Comfort Bubble

Traveling will definitely force you outside your comfort zone to a place where life begins. You cannot grow in a bubble. It’s only when you pop that bubble that you breathe new air, experience new energy, and soar to new heights. This is just one of many reasons to travel. Traveling to a place where you don’t know the language? Pantomime is universal and usually results in laughter. A little wary of new foods? Give those fried insects a shot; they probably taste like chicken. Don’t know anyone in your new country? It’s easy for a foreigner to make new friends. You’re exotic, mysterious. People will want to know you. They’ll even want to show you off.


Builds up Adaptability

You may have an itinerary, you may be organized, but traveling teaches you that itineraries and organization are easily dismantled. Another of the great reasons to travel is that it offers so many opportunities for spontaneity. The best experiences in life are the ones unplanned for, the experiences unanticipated. Live in the moment, and you will not regret it for a second. Though travel may come with many bumps in the road, these bumps most often result in unforgettable experiences, which you’ll likely look back on and laugh about. They’re also great fodder for travel stories.


A Helping Hand

Travelers are often warned about being targeted by pickpockets and thieves. They are told to be wary, as foreigners attract petty crime. But, something oft not told is that foreignness also attracts kindness. As an avid traveler myself, I can vouch that for as many times as a person tries to scam you because you’re foreign, help – true, human, good Samaritan help – is offered ten-fold. Locals will point you the way when you’re lost, will translate when you don’t know the words, will give you a lift when you don’t have a car. People will look out for you. And that’s a truly beautiful thing.


Paring down

Traveling requires that you pare down your possessions to the absolute essentials. Packing for a trip is always the worst thing EVER, and that’s because we become so attached to our possessions that we think we cannot go a day without them. But, the truth is, possessions matter very little. When you’re watching the sun set over Rome, do you think you’ll be missing that pair of boots you had to leave behind? Absolutely not.


Being Alone

Solo travel in particular forces you to become comfortable in yourself. You must learn how to entertain yourself, enjoy yourself, navigate yourself, organize yourself, all on your own. The isolation may seem scary at first, but solitude, overall, is a good thing. You find out who you truly are, and you become comfortable with being that person.

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana

Wash Prejudices Away

You don’t realize what prejudices exist in you until you travel. You may not consider yourself prejudiced at all, but society, media, culture, politics, all these things produce in us lurking prejudices which, even if you don’t act upon them or allow them to dictate your thoughts, they still exist within you. One of the joyous reasons to travel is to open yourself up to the world, to become more accepting of others, of societies and cultures that are different to your own. Prejudices wash away with knowledge. By the end of your experience, you will have probably moved on from mere acceptance of the differences to adoration of them.



When you see a work of art for the first time, the awesomeness of nature in a new land, a feat of man-made wonder, you will learn to fully appreciate this world we live in. You will breathe appreciation in and out of you, and it will be almost overwhelming. And though you’ll be surrounded by so many amazing things, you’ll also remember family, friends, and loved ones back home, the things that are familiar to you, and you’ll appreciate them more as well, once you return.

What are your own main reasons to travel? Do you travel as much as you’d like to? Well who does really? If you have a passion for traveling, you’re rarely satisfied you get to do it often enough. Do you agree?

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