9 Crucial Tips for Flying with Your Dog ...


The big travel season is upon us, and if you plan on flying with your dog there are several things you should know before you board that plane. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget that your puppy has special needs when traveling by air. Below is a handy list of crucial tips for flying with your dog.

1. Visit the Vet

The very first thing to do before flying with your dog is to visit the vet. Get your doggie a thorough check-up before your trip. Let your vet know that you will be traveling with your pet and ask for any tips he or she might have. If your dog tends to get angsty in transit, your vet may offer you advice on calming techniques or medications. One very important thing you’ll need to collect during your vet visit is proof of the check up. Most vets have this paperwork on file. It’s basically a sheet of paper explaining that your dog is in good health and was recently checked by a professional. It also states that the professional – a vet – sees your dog as healthy to fly. Many airlines will not let your pup on board without this documentation. Don’t forget to grab it!

Double Check Flight Details
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