Cheap Staycation Ideas for Summer when Travel Isn't an Option ...


Cheap Staycation Ideas for Summer when Travel Isn't an Option ...
Cheap Staycation Ideas for Summer when Travel Isn't an Option ...

In need of a vacation but don’t want to have to travel far, or at all? Then it sounds like you’re in need of a staycation. Here are some ideas for the perfect staycation.

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Make It a Spa Day

Stop by your nearest pharmacy or grocery store and pick up an inexpensive mud mask and nail polish. Then go home, wrap yourself in a comfy robe, put on your favorite flick and “treat yo’ self.” Invite some girlfriends over and make it a spa sleepover. Do each other’s nails and detoxify your faces with a nice charcoal or green tea clay mask.


Have a Movie Night

Click on your Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video and scroll through your movie collection. Pop the popcorn or order a pizza, get cozy on the couch with your boo and view something you’ve never seen before, or choose from an old favorite.


Take a Day Trip

Go to the park or the museum or the library. Or drive to the beach. Whatever you decide to do, make a day of it. Just pack a bag, some petty cash, and let the day take you wherever. Also, pack some water. It’s hot out there.


Have a Game Night

Whether it’s video games or board games or both, gather up some friends and have them over for some healthy competition. So scramble up a game of Scrabble, pull out the Twister, fire up the Xbox or Playstation, and connect the Nintendo switch. You could have different gaming stations, and have people swap out after every round.


A Night out with Friends

I know its hard to keep in touch sometimes, but send out a mass SOS for a friendship enhancing outing. Coordinate with your friends the best date and time that works best for everyone. Plan to meet somewhere everyone can afford; an Applebee’s, Chill’s or a place that serves buffet. That way everyone can get what they want.


Curl up with a Good Book

Been hearing good things about a novel your friends are reading? Or wonder if the book was better than the movie? Then a staycation is the perfect time to start your summer reading list. So pick a quiet nook and begin reading.


Have a Picnic

You don’t have to have a picnic basket. You can simply just pack a lunchbag, or turn one of your many big bags into your picnic purse. Then add some sandwiches, or maybe a nice salad, and don’t forget a nice cold glass of your beverage of choice.


Camp at Home

Turn your backyard into a campground and spend the night with nature. And for those of you who don’t necessarily have a backyard, use your living room as your campground. So light that fire (or stream it on your TV), make some s’mores, and gaze at the stars. Become one with the universe or just enjoy some peace and quiet.


Plan a Romantic Evening

It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. It could be pizza in your pjs or dinner at your usual eatery. Just so long as it’s the two of your sharing intimacy, it’s sure to be an evening of romance.

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