9 Best Surf Spots in the World ...


Here is my list of the 9 best surf spots in the world for beginners. Each location has easy waves to start out on and gorgeous scenery to gaze at while you bob around on your board waiting for the next wave to roll by. It’s difficult to truly put these locations in order on a scale from 1 to 9. Some have sandy ocean bottoms which make it much safer when you fall off your board, while others offer perfect gentle waves on top of coral reefs that could be potentially dangerous if caution isn’t taken. Take a look at my selection and see what you think!

9. Lagos, Portugal

For baby waves that anyone can surf on, this is the place to be. Surf schools offer lessons year around and a number of spots are within a 30 minute jaunt. Low tide is the best time for beginners to take to the water and try out their balance on a few steady waves. Although surfing here can take place any time of the year, the summer is going to be the most crowded.

San Onofre State Beach in Southern California, USA
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