6 Awesome Tips on How to Cure Your Wanderlust ...


6 Awesome Tips on How to Cure Your Wanderlust ...
6 Awesome Tips on How to Cure Your Wanderlust ...

Wanderlust, the intense desire to travel, is one of the greatest causes of FOMO because, if all traveling took was desire, we would all be doing it every chance we got. The sad reality is that not everyone, myself included, can just jump on a flight to some scenic island whenever we want. Fortunately, I learned long ago that I don’t have to actually have been in a place to be able to immerse myself it in, envision its landscape, or to inhale all of its smells. Perhaps it's the bookworm in me that loves reading and learning about new places, but a little independent research has taken me much farther than my passport has and, funny enough, it's helped me cope with my own wanderlust. This made me wonder about other ways that the untraveled traveler can soothe their desire to explore. Here are six ways to cure your wanderlust without traveling.

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Watch a Travel Documentary

Technically, travel docs fall under the whole learning umbrella, but I’m going to suggest them anyway. Travel documentaries are a one stop shop to all things travel. Whether you’re into history or food expos, you’re bound to find something to soothe that ache you have to explore—right from the comfort of your own home.


Splurge on a Hotel

One of the best parts of traveling is getting to stay in cool hotels. Just because you can’t yet book your flight to Jamaica or Turks and Caicos doesn’t mean you should miss out on the opportunity to relax, and get away from it all. If you live in a big city, you’ll have your pick of the lot when it comes to hotels. And while you don’t want to venture too far into the frugal end when picking your destination (for obvious reasons) there are plenty of affordable, middle-ground options to give you a great, relaxing experience.


Learn a New Language

You don’t have to be fluent in a land’s native language before you visit, but knowing how to communicate with the locals will certainly enrichen your experience. Effective communication skills will also come in handy, should you end up lost or hurt while you’re there.


Explore Your Own Home Town

Even if you’ve lived in a place your entire life, it’s likely that you haven’t poured over every attraction with a fine-toothed comb. While you’re waiting for the day you can depart on your adventure, you could take a day or two to find new, trendy little spots in your very own hometown. It’ll make the place you call home feel new again, and you might also meet some cool, new people.


Scour Pinterest

Pinterest might be the last website you should visit if you’re trying to be productive, but remember, you’re trying to replicate the feeling of being on vacation, so it’s totally fine! The website is filled with travel boards, so if you’re looking for a little international inspiration without putting in any work, you can just spend a few hours obsessing over other people’s travel pics, and inspirational quotes. And if you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can put together your own dream board. Either way, your senses will be flooded with images of the places your heart longs to go.


Put a Plan in Motion—and Stick to It

The things in this list are just meant to give you short-term satisfaction. The truth of the matter is that your wanderlust won’t ever fully be quelled until you rack up a few frequent flyer miles, or add more miles on your car. Since money is the most common travel deterrent, you should probably start by creating a financial plan that will lead to making your dream of traveling a reality, whether that means picking up some overtime, taking out a loan, or

taking on a second job. If money isn’t an issue, then finding time off from work, or someone to leave your children or pets with, may be what’s stopping you. The key is to identify whatever is keeping you from embarking on your journey, and putting into motion a plan that will remove those obstacles.

Do you have any tips for curing wanderlust? Leave a comment below!

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Great article, but WHAT is “FOMO”? Clear communication in writing means using ONLY acronyms that one knows are most widely known & understood. Otherwise, it’s BETTER to write it out to ensure the reader understandsss(goal #1), rather than being “trendy”

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