7 Ways to Beat Post-Vacation Blues ...


7 Ways to Beat Post-Vacation Blues ...
7 Ways to Beat Post-Vacation Blues ...

There is nothing worse than getting home after a wonderful vacation abroad to find the old humdrum routine is waiting to greet you as you walk through your front door, but fortunately there are lots of ways to beat post-vacation blues. Sure, it feels awful when you come home to find that the post is lying on the doormat, the answer phone is full of messages and you feel jet lagged. Worst of all it might be another year before you get to take another trip. Here are 7 ways to beat post-vacation blues:

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Start Exploring Your Hometown

The chances are that there are many places you never knew existed in your own hometown, so take the plunge and go out to discover just what it has to offer you. There may be restaurants, parks, museums or art galleries which you have never visited. Don't be afraid to go out and enjoy the new discoveries on your own doorstep.


Get on the Internet

You have probably got loads of photos to show people and you feel like you need to relive the wonderful experiences you have just had, so getting online is one way to beat those post-vacation blues. Find a community of people who share your passion for the place where you have just spent your holiday. You’ll find they are lot more interested and interesting than any of your friends would ever be on the subject. You may even pick up some new friends on the way.


Start Saving

You know you want to get away from it all again as soon as you possibly can, so start saving for the next fabulous trip to the holiday destination of your dreams. To beat those post-vacation blues, you don’t have to put loads of money in your holiday piggy bank all the time. Just adding a few coins every day will make you feel like you are already on your way to paradise again.


Become Creative

Buy yourself a digital photo frame and start organizing all your photos into a slide show that you can watch whenever you feel a bit down. It can be playing in the background when your friends or family come to visit you. So you don't bore them too much with your holiday pics, it could be playing discreetly too. That way none of your friends will get bored by you constantly wanting to show them your holiday snapshots. Just watch their reaction to the slide show. It will make a nice background to the visit without making them sit and look through endless photos that don’t mean much to them, but a lot to you.


Take up a Hobby

You have come home tanned and feeling good about yourself, so another way to beat those post-vacation blues is to join a fitness club and try to stay as good as you feel. Get yourself ready for the next fabulous trip abroad that you have already planned in your head. You will be amazed at how quickly you’ll feel better. You will start to look forwards rather than backwards when you feel good about yourself.


Write a Travel Blog

The best way to relive your adventure is to write a travel blog about the place you have just been to. You will surprised at how good this will make you feel and you are bound to receive comments from others who have enjoyed the same experiences as you did. You will be able to tell people all about the wonderful time you had, the great people you met and all the fabulous things you did and saw on your holiday.


Start to Dream about Your Next Adventure

What better way to beat post-vacation blues but a daydream? There is no stopping you when it comes to dreaming about your next adventure abroad. You can go where you like, when you like and you can even take virtual tours around some of the hotels you would like to stay at by going on the Internet and visiting places like the Maldives or a Weekend in Paris. This is a really great way of treating yourself to a trip abroad while sitting in the comfort of your own home in the evenings and it beats watching television.

We work hard and we deserved our time off. It’s hard to shake off the doldrums when you come back to earth after a great trip but some of these ways to beat post-vacation blues are designed to get you thinking positively about your next trip whilst savoring special memories of your last one. Where’s your next trip?

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