Brilliant Boardwalk Activities for Girls Who Just Want to Have Fun ...


Brilliant Boardwalk Activities for Girls Who Just Want to Have Fun ...
Brilliant Boardwalk Activities for Girls Who Just Want to Have Fun ...

Boardwalk activities are even better than swimming! Well, okay, maybe not really, but they make an excellent break, and whether you're visiting the beach or live near the ocean, the boardwalk is a great place to finish up a day spent enjoying the sand and surf. Every boardwalk in the world has its own flair, but many boardwalk activities are the same. If you're going to be seaside any time this summer, try these activities whenever you hit up a beach with a boardwalk!

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Hop on the Ferris Wheel

ferris wheel, tourist attraction, fair, outdoor recreation, wheel, Riding the Ferris Wheel is one of my favorite boardwalk activities, because the views are unparalleled. To see not just the boardwalk but also the ocean spreading out before you is absolutely breathtaking. I strongly recommend making this one of your boardwalk stops. Although it's gorgeous at any time of day, I love doing it around sunset. I'm serious, it will be one of the most beautiful sights you'll ever see, no matter which boardwalk you visit.


Ride the Rides

rock concert, Of course most boardwalks have plenty of other rides, as well. There are carousels, tilt-a-whirls, bumper cars, even roller coasters. Sure, admittedly, standing in line isn't the best thing ever, but once you're spinning, driving, or doing the loop-the-loop, it will all be worth it. What's your favorite ride?


Go Rollerblading

sports, human action, physical exercise, spring break, Rollerblading and biking are both fun activities on the boardwalk, because you can quickly take in everything the boardwalk has to offer, while staying cool and getting exercise at the same time! Many boardwalks even have places where you can rent skates or bikes, but you can bring your own as well. Just watch out for your fellow visitors!


Eat, Eat, Eat

person, facial expression, emotion, document, CAN, Boardwalks have the best food! It's a mix of carnival fare and surprisingly sophisticated delicacies, especially if you wind up at a boardwalk that attracts food trucks. Whether you love funnel cake or gourmet burgers, you'll find something delicious – just don't fill up before you go on any of the mega-rides! No one wants to throw up at the boardwalk.


Go Go-Karting

person, adventure, gliding, profession, vehicle, Go-karts! Most boardwalks have a midway, and many of them have go-kart courses. If you're out with friends or your beloved, race to the death! Well, not really, but whoever comes in last place can buy the next round of drinks or something. Competition is always killer on the boardwalk.


Try Mini Golf

gadget, sculpture, Many boardwalks will also have mini golf courses. Now, sure, there are mini courses everywhere, but there's something special about playing a round with the scent of the sea at your back. Besides that, boardwalk courses are typically epic, so half the fun is looking at all the sculptures and intricate designs.


Dance with Your Darling

person, human action, physical exercise, sports, chinese martial arts, Lots of boardwalks also have places where you can dance. There might be DJs, pre-recorded music, or musicians. There may be a dance floor, or simply a section of boardwalk set aside. Whatever the case, dance cheek to cheek – even if no one else is doing it. The memories and romance are worth it, I promise.


Listen to Live Music

rock concert, crowd, basketball moves, music venue, nightclub, Similarly, you may wind up on a boardwalk with its own stage or bandstand. Whether the musical act is super famous or locally renowned, enjoy it! You might discover a new favorite genre or band, and just as food tastes better on the shore, music seems to sound better as well.


Pick Your Game

cartoon, play, toy, mobile device, AND, From Skee-Ball to Three-Card Monty, most boardwalks are filled with games. Follow the lights and the shouts to step right up and try your luck. Just a word to the wise, when you're playing for prizes, know when to walk away – that huge pink rabbit is adorable, but past a certain point, it's cheaper to buy one than to keep paying out in your desperation to knock over all the milk bottles.

One of the best parts about many of these boardwalk activities is that you can end up with a memento of your beach day – even if it's just a scruffy stuffed animal that may or may not start falling apart even before you get home! Whether you hit up the rides or play the games, you're sure to have an awesome time. Have you been to many boardwalks? What's your favorite thing to do?

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