This is the Ultimate Activity Guide for a Rainy Day at the Beach ...


It seems as if you always have at least one rainy day at the beach when you’re vacationing. It’s good to have some ideas for activities on rainy days at the beach. These’re some of the things my family enjoys doing at the beach when it’s rainy. I hope they offer you lots of inspiration.

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Hit the Souvenir Shops

Where there’re beaches, there’re souvenir shops. Souvenir shops are not where you usually go for a big shopping day. But they’re a lot of fun and have a lot of interesting little trinkets to purchase. Many beaches have multiple souvenir shops to enjoy. It’s a fun way to spend a rainy day.


Visit an Aquarium

This’s another way you can spend a rainy day at the beach. Many beaches have an aquarium within close proximity. Aquariums are relaxing, fun and air conditioned which is very important when you’re at the beach. This’s our family’s top choice in how to spend rainy days at the beach. We have lots of wonderful memories of visiting aquariums.


Take in a Show

Many beaches have theaters where you can watch a show. Some of them are even dinner shows where you watch the show while you’re served a meal. They’re a lot of fun and something different to do on a rainy day at the beach. Most shows like these take reservations but usually have some tickets left that can be bought at the last minute. It’s worth checking into.


Go out for a Nice Meal

A lot of times when you’re at the beach, you eat at the local restaurants or order take-out. A rainy day is a perfect day to go for something a little different. Choose a restaurant you want to try that’s a bit of a distance away and make a day of it. Going out for a nice meal when you have plenty of time is very relaxing. You’ll probably find it’s a wonderful way to spend a rainy day at the beach.


Enjoy Outlet Malls

Many beaches have an outlet mall nearby. You can shop your favorite brands for a discounted price. Many people love to shop at outlet malls when they go to the beach. Why not shop there on a rainy day? That way you don’t have to miss any gorgeous beach days.


Slip Away to the Spa

If you want to be pampered, then this’s the perfect way to spend a rainy day at the beach. You’ll come back from the spa feeling lovely both inside and out after experiencing the ultimate relaxation that the spa offers. Different spas offer different services. There’s usually the basic services such as manis, pedis, facial treatments and massages as well as more exotic beauty treatments that you can choose from. Whatever you choose is sure to be refreshing.


Get Your Workout on

This may not be the option that offers you the most fun in this rainy day at the beach activity guide but it’s still a good choice. Most of us overindulge at least a little when we’re on vacation. Taking some time to work out can prevent you from going home and regretting the food choices you made at the beach. Most hotels have a fitness room that you can use for free when you’re a guest. There’re also probably options for an exercise class nearby if that sounds more your style.

These’re 7 rainy day activities you can do when you’re at the beach. What’s your favorite way to spend a rainy day on a beach vacation? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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Go swim in the rain!!!!

A good book, on a sofa, resting, its holiday!!!

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