7 Fun Ways to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable ...


7 Fun Ways to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable ...
7 Fun Ways to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable ...

With school approaching and work hours becoming more laborious in the fall, I want to share with you some fun ways to make your commute more enjoyable! While I'm looking forward to going back to school, as a commuter student, I'm not really looking forward to the long drives back and forth between my campus and home. I've been thinking up ways to help my commute become not only tolerable, but likable! If you commute via car to school or work (or both!), here are some ways to make your commute more enjoyable and spice up your ride! I especially hope that some of these ideas help out my fellow commuter students!

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Clean, Clean, Clean

While this tip is fairly obvious, it is essential that you keep your car as clean as a whistle in order to make your commute more enjoyable. Take advantage of the current warm weather to thoroughly wash your car, removing all exterior dirt, fingerprints, and scuff marks from your car's body, doors, wheels, and windows. Next, move on to the interior of your car and remove any trash, loose change, or scattered belongings that clutter the floor. Use a car vacuum to pick up excess dirt, leaves, and crumbs from the seats and the car floor. Wipe down the dashboard, steering wheel, and windows. Finally, clean out your glove compartment, trunk, and other storage spaces. This is a foolproof and instant way to make your commute at least a bit more enjoyable.


Organize and Accessorize

The next step you should take for a more agreeable commute is organizing your car and accessorizing it. You should have an easy time finding a glove compartment organizer in which you can keep your registration documents ready to go. Backseat organizers also provide some extra storage space so that your things don't end up rattling around in the car! Covering the floor with nice mats will also give your car a sleeker, updated look as well as prevent staining or damage to the car's interior. Find cute and relaxing air fresheners to hang on your rearview mirror. Finally, if you are a student like I am, decorate the outside of your car with some bumper stickers to display your school pride and spirit!


Be Prepared

Keeping your mind at ease on the road is a vital part of transforming your dull commute into a relaxing drive. In your trunk, keep a small duffle bag that contains a comfortable change of clothes and a few travel-sized toiletries. As a commuter student, you never know when bad weather is going to strike and leave you stranded at school, or when a friend will invite you to crash in their dorm! You can also take advantage of extra clothes for impromptu gym trips or for more comfortable driving apparel after a day in blister-causing shoes. Other ways to be prepared are keeping things like a commuter first aid kit, flashlight, mini-umbrella, and portable cell-phone charger in your glove compartment. All of these tips will help you feel safer and will help ease some of your stress while commuting!


The More the Merrier

Having some company for the drive to work or school can make your commute time pass much faster! Even if you can't assemble a daily carpool group, always be on the look out for opportunities to carpool for a day or two with friends and coworkers. Having someone to chat with will instantly make the ride more enjoyable. Also, talking with an actual passenger proves to be much safer than talking to someone via blue-tooth; the person in your passenger seat will be aware of traffic situations and pause the conversation to let you concentrate. Another bonus? If you and your friends can take turns driving, you'll be helping out the environment while everyone cuts down on gas money!


Get Hooked on a Radio Show

If you commute early enough in the morning, there should be an abundance of radio shows that you could tune into every day for your commute. My twin sister and I commute to our campus together, and we found a station that we both really enjoy listening to on our way to school. The hosts' playful banter while discussing interesting topics really lifts our spirits and puts us in a good mood. Having a fun radio show to look forward to will have you happier to get in your car and help ease your frustration while driving through traffic.


Crank the Tunes

If radio shows aren't really your cup of tea, dedicate a day to buy a cheap package of blank CDs and burn your favorite songs onto them. For the morning, burn CDs with inspirational and upbeat music that will get you ready to tackle your day. For the evening, stick to tunes that are relaxing after a stressful day at work or school. I have tons of fun, blank, colorful CDs that my sister recently started to burn some songs onto for her commute to work. I'm totally looking forward to using them for school! While there is the option to utilize your iPod, CDs are reliable and make it easier to skip through tracks while concentrating on the road.



One more way to pass time during your commute is to listen to an audiobook while you drive. You could burn one onto a CD or use your iPod to listen to them! Choosing a fun and intriguing book will have you wishing that you could stay in your car for longer! Or, if you're super studious like me, you could record lectures (with your professor's permission) and download podcasts to play in the car so that you can use your commute to squeeze in some studying!

What do you think of these tips for a more enjoyable commute? Do you have any of your own? If so, please share some more ideas in the comments!

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I think a good suggestion that's missing is having good music either in the form of burned CD's making a playlist or hooking up your phone via auxiliary so you can have fun driving and singing. That's what I do each day going to work and it helps make the major freeways in LA much better to deal with.

Also, I stated on another post - motivational speakers on YouTube! I would go NUTS if I didn't have something to put me at ease once in awhile

Thank you! I commute all over! I agree with clean car & not doing makeup while driving.

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