9 Annoying Things at Airports We Wish They'd Change ...


As much as I love traveling, there are some annoying things at airports that are such a bind. Yes, things like booking online and online check-in have made things easier, but I just wish that they could find some ways of removing some of the hassle factor of flying these days. Although, I will concede that some of the annoying things at airports are in our best interests.

1. Getting Searched

Being searched at security is one of the most annoying things at airports. Yes, it's true that it is for our safety, but it never feels good to get fondled by a complete stranger. However, the good thing is that you can actually take some steps and improve your chances of not being searched – removing your belt and taking everything out of your pockets will keep that 'random search' alarm from going off and giving someone a chance to invade your privacy.

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