10 Amazing Things to See in Greece ...


Deciding which country to visit is not an easy task and the things don’t get any easier after either. So, once you’ve circled Greece on your map, it’s time to make some more hard decisions regarding things to see in Greece. It sure is a beautiful country with a very, very, veeeery long history and that, my ladies, means that there will be a lot of cool stuff to see regardless of the part of Greece you decide to visit. I think Greece is amazing and, in order to help you see everything and start sharing my feelings about it, I’ve made a list of 10 most important Things to See in Greece:

1. Santorini

A perfect destination for an unforgettable honeymoon or even a romantic vacation, Santorini is one of Greece’s most famous islands and, believe me, there is a good reason for it! If money is no issue I strongly suggest a room with a huge balcony and a great view because, although these don’t come cheap, the experience is well worth it. Traditional white houses with roofs, doors and windows painted blue will take your breath away and the same goes for the caldera view and the sunset which is, as I’ve mentioned many times before, said to be the second most beautiful one in the world.

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