10 Amazing Things All Girls Hitting New Zealand Should do While There ...


10 Amazing Things All Girls Hitting New Zealand Should do While There ...
10 Amazing Things All Girls Hitting New Zealand Should do While There ...

Living in New Zealand definitely has its perks! It's such a beautiful country (although sometimes forgotten about due to it's tiny size and population) so if you're thinking of going travelling around this side of the world, definitely make New Zealand a priority - don't forget to stop by and say hi!

New Zealand is known for it's amazing rugby team the All Blacks (great at winning the World Cup), the welcoming and relaxed people who refer to you as 'bro' when they first meet you and who could forget the beautiful scenery!

Have you been to New Zealand and if so whereabouts? What did you think?

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Check out the View from the Sky Tower in Auckland

vehicle, control tower, skyscraper, passenger ship, The Sky Tower is Auckland's main attraction and what it's known for (as well as the ridiculously high property prices...believe me, I should know) so it's definitely a must-see if you're coming through here!

You can actually go all the way up to the top and admire the view of the entire city from the windows that go all the way around the tower. There's even a café and restaurant at the top (what better way to dine out than to have a view like that beside you?) and a gift shop at the bottom.

If you're the adventurous type you can even bungee jump off the top of the tower and wave to all the people inside looking out!


Visit Exhibitions at Te Papa in Wellington

vacation, cityscape, Te Papa is a really cool museum right on the beautiful waterfront with a spinning ball fountain sculpture in the main entrance. It used to have a few rides you could go on but unfortunately those have been removed and it's strictly exhibitions now.

That being said, there's an area where you can learn heaps about natural disasters including an Earthquake House you can go into and it shakes like crazy! There's lots of other fun activities where you learn about the earth itself as well as general wildlife.

You can literally spend a whole day in Te Papa simply because there's so much to see, so make sure you visit the café near the entrance afterwards!


Go to the Very Top of Cape Reina

poster, coast, sea, Cape Reina is at the very top of the North Island (right at the very tip where the ocean meets the country) and has amazing views of the ocean as well as a lighthouse.

It's also a very spiritual place because legend has it that the beach below you is actually the entrance to the Underworld which spirits of the dead pass through...creepy but pretty cool!


Have Fun in the Mountains in Queenstown

sea, ocean, coast, document, advertising, Queenstown is known for its amazing mountains and alps, therefore it's the perfect place to get some snowboarding done! If this sounds like something you'd like to do definitely make time for this!


Pay Your Respects in Christchurch

transport, vehicle, cable car, tram, town, After a massive earthquake in 2011 that killed 185 people, Christchurch had the difficult task of rebuilding its city and repairing all the damages that had been caused in its wake.

Although the city is well under getting back on track 5 years later, it will never be the same as it once was and will always be a life-changing event for those living in Christchurch.


Get Inspired by the Art Deco in Napier

town, cityscape, landmark, poster, vehicle, Napier is known for being an art deco inspired city with a tree-lined waterfront promenade and busy city centre. There are loads of things to do here such as visiting Cape Kidnappers, Marineland and even the national aquarium!


Kayak in the Marlborough Sounds

lake, boating, bay, reservoir, Although rather chilly being located in the Sound Island, Marlborough Sounds has pretty stunning scenery. Kayaking is a great activity that will get you out right in the middle of it so you can really make the most of all the beauty that surrounds you!


Coopers Beach

shore, body of water, tree, coast, beach, Coopers Beach is a stunning place located in Northland. It might sound obvious, but make sure you spend plenty of time at the actual beach called Coopers Beach while you're there; it's truly a beautiful place to be with soft, golden sands and a view you could look at all day long!



habitat, coast, geographical feature, landform, shore, Not far from Cable Bay and Coopers Beach, Ahipara is another breathtaking place you simply must visit if you're heading up north! I highly recommend you hire quad bikes if you're visiting 90 Mile Beach, for as many people that you're going with. It's super fun to be able to drive down this well known beach - as fast as you want!



property, estate, home, house, residential area, KeriKeri is rather small in comparison to the other places on this list, but nevertheless it's worth a visit! It has a historic Mission House (built all the way back in 1822), officially making it the oldest surviving building in New Zealand. It's in really beautiful grounds, including a river, bridge and plenty of nature! There's also a strip of shops and nice cafes to visit nearby too!

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I live in nz

New Zealand is more than great scenery. There is an entire coastline of beautiful beaches, bay after bay. Cathedral cove and Hot water beach are world famous. You might have seen them on voyage of the dawn treader or a number of music videos. Just go!

Stunning country.

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