10 Websites 💻 That'll Help You 👏🏼 Find the Cheapest 💰 Plane Tickets 🛩 ...


One of my goals for 2017 is to see more of the world.

But a seemingly conflicting goal is to save more money.

If you made similar goals, I have good news!

Check out these websites to find the cheapest flights out there and successfully travel the world on a budget.

1. Travelocity

Website: travelocity.com

This online travel agency is a great place to score a big bargain on plane tickets.2

Not only can you save a bundle on your flight, but you can also book your hotel on the same site and that can sometimes save you even more on your trip.

There are also cruises and car rental available here.

2. Booking.com

Website: booking.com

Here's site that can save you up to 50% on your flights.2

It's super easy to get the deals and since they change every day, there's always the chance to save tons on your next vacay.

Become a member of the site and get access to even more discounts and deals.

3. Orbitz

Website: orbitz.com

Orbitz is perhaps one of the most popular places to get discount airfare.

That's because the site offers premier prices on flights to a huge number of places.

You can also book your car, hotel and find activities at your destination too.

You can even set up a package deal to save the most money possible.

4. Expedia

Website: expedia.com

Become a membe of Expedia and you can save an extra 10 percent off their already rock bottom prices.

When you purchase airfare here, you can rack up points that you can cash in for other deals.

Go ahead and book your hotel and car rental too because you're going to have a hard time finding cheaper prices anywhere else.

5. Student Universe

Student Universe is the first place I look for tickets.2

It shows you ticket prices for dates before and after your flight, which helps if you have a flexible schedule.

Plus, it compares several airlines so you can choose the best flight for your budget.

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