Suitcase Secrets: How to Pack Light and Still Have Plenty of Things to Wear ...


Packing can be somewhat of a headache, and putting it off till the last minute is usually more tempting than doing it ahead of time. However, it’s easy to over pack and bring stuff you won’t even use when you wait till the last minute to pack! Here is how to efficiently plan a working wardrobe that will fit into your suitcase without being more than you need, yet giving you plenty of options for what to wear!

1. Always Pack Your Basic Items

Basic items can never steer you wrong. Basic items may vary a bit from person to person. I consider my basic items to be a dark wash denim jean, a fitted white tee, a neutral jacket (black or cognac leather) a black comfy maxi skirt or dress, a soft neutral cardigan, a basic black tank top, and a comfortable shoe. I wear almost all of these items at least once weekly. Figure out what your basics are and be sure to bring them!

Try to Stick with Packing Neutral Colored Items
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