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French Speaking Countries are more common than you might think. In its strictest sense Francophonie refers to people who speak French as their first and native language. However, the word is more commonly used to define populations throughout the world whose cultural heritage is principally linked to the French language. As a result, there are a number of French speaking countries. Naturally, the French didn’t just gift these places their beautiful language. Aspects of French culture were also absorbed into the native ways in the time the Gallic interlopers ruled: the cuisine, the sense of style and of course the romance. French is one of the official six languages of the United Nations and La Francophonie is an international organisation of 56 countries where French is the mother tongue. It would be impossible to educate you here on all 56 so read on for La Francophonie: 8 Countries Where They Speak French as an Official Language. Consider this your beginner's guide to learning about French speaking countries.

1. Madagascar

Many French speaking countries are those you wouldn't expect.

Madagascar isn’t the most obvious place in the world to have French as its official language.

A sham invasion of the island in 1883, despite being relatively short-lived, has meant that French was introduced;

it survived and now the modern population still speak French.

Madagascar is a fabulous place to visit;

the island is affordable, safe and best of all unique.

Travelers who are prepared to explore just a little will be able to discover the real island and enjoy some truly exotic experiences to compare to the many legends that originate in Madagascar.

It is also an island of amazing wildlife.

2. The Seychelles

The French appropriated and settled in the Seychelles in the latter part of the18th century and even though they retained control for little more than 40 years, one of the long standing legacies of this period is that the population of these beautiful islands, still speak French.2

Throughout history, the Seychelles has retained its multi-ethnic roots and ever since the islands were initially discovered, they have been a delicious melting pot of different races, religions and traditions from all over the world.

Even with the advent of large scale tourism, the diverse cultural and ethnic influences combined with racial harmony are the foundation of this tranquil yet vibrant nation and a real treat for visitors.

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