7 Ways to Travel on a Budget ...


Going on holiday can get very expensive, so finding a few ways to travel on a budget can come in handy. Gone are the days where we only wanted to travel a few hours to our holiday destination. The media have really glamorized exotic locations, which is amazing, but if you are strapped for cash, this can cause a real problem. So why not find a few ways to travel on a budget and see those amazing locations?

1. Booking Times

Get to know airline sites! For instance, mid-week flights are cheaper than weekend flights. The earlier you book flights can be cheaper. Also, flight companies would rather sell their tickets than have an empty seat. Therefore, a week or two before the departure, flight prices become extremely cheap. Finally, cheap airlines charge for luggage. Fitting your luggage into a handheld can really cut down on costs. However, make sure you know the hand luggage sizes. Airlines really do like to make money on people who don’t read the fine print. This is probably the most important one of the ways to travel on a budget.

Plan Plan Plan
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