7 Ways to Explore Jackson Hole like a Local ...


Jackson Hole is a beautiful tourist town in Wyoming, and if you want to know the ways to explore Jackson Hole like a local I can help you. I was blessed to grow up in Jackson Hole and have many fond memories of living there. I was lucky to experience Jackson Hole as a local, and I would like to share some of the great places locals gather with you. If you are planning on visiting Jackson Hole, or Yellowstone National Park for that matter, I can give you some tips on the best ways to explore Jackson Hole.

1. String Lake

String Lake

String Lake is one of many lakes in Grand Teton National Park, but it is less crowded than some of the other lakes. Jackson Lake and Jenny Lake are larger lakes and more popular for tourists to see. However, String Lake is very beautiful and was one of my favorite places to have a picnic and spend an afternoon when I lived in Jackson, and visiting String Lake is one of the great ways to explore Jackson Hole. It is a narrow lake, hence the name, that you can hike around and swim in. Although, I should warn you that all the lakes in the area are very cold. Children don’t seem to mind, but the chilly temperature did bother me when I got older. If you want to really picnic like a local, grab some fried chicken at Albertson’s before going to the lake.

Miniature Golf
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