7 Ways to Avoid Looking like a Tourist ...


Sometimes when you travel you want to be armed with some ways to avoid looking like a tourist. The reasons are inconsequential: you might be a “serious” traveler who wants to be disassociated with the crowd (some get a bit snobby like that); you might want to blend in to better immerse yourself in a culture; it might be a question of safety; or, you might to just simply appear less naive when bargaining for a great deal at the soukh. Whatever your reasons, here are some ways to avoid looking like a tourist.

1. When Sightseeing

One of the obvious ways to avoid looking like a tourist is to lose the map. If you feel you need one, step into a shop or less public place to consult it, or look locations up on a smart phone. You can also plan your outing ahead of time while in the hotel room. Don’t have a camera hanging around your neck, carry it discreetly in a bag or purse. If you brought a guidebook, wrap it in plain brown paper or past the cover of a novel to it (preferably in the host country’s language). Better yet, just tear out the section you’re visiting on that particular day.

When Eating at a Restaurant
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