7 Tips on Planning a Low Budget Vacation ...


Are you planning a low budget vacation? Everyone needs time away from home and work to recharge and enjoy themselves. But what if you don't have much spare cash? There's no need to be stuck at home while your friends and co-workers boast about their vacations. With careful planning, it's still possible to enjoy a trip away. So try these tips on planning a low budget vacation …

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Visit Friends or Family

When you're planning a low budget vacation, the obvious choice is to stay with family or friends who live somewhere you'd like to visit. Accommodation is usually the major expense on a vacation, so if you can swing a free bed, that will really help your budget. Do bear in mind that anyone who lives in a holiday destination can get pretty fed up with freeloading visitors. So do help out household chores, offer a contribution to food costs, and don't expect to be chauffeured or guided everywhere.


Working Holiday

Working holidays have long been the choice for younger travelers to fund their trip around the world. For example, you can take up a work placement in a summer camp that allows you a few weeks for travel afterwards. There are also shorter working holidays of a week or two, so you don't need to be a student with months off!



Are you interested in causes like the environment or heritage? Many organisations offer volunteering holidays to supporters and anyone looking for an alternative kind of break. If you're not into lazing around on beaches or trekking around cities, this could be for you. You get a break, while helping someone out.



Couchsurfing is a brilliant way of getting a cheap break. The same rules apply as to when you're visiting family or friends - remember that someone is letting you into their home. As well as saving you hotel costs, couchsurfing gives you the chance to get to know people and learn the insider tips that most tourists miss.


Last Minute Bargains

If you're not too fussy about where you go and just want a holiday, look at last-minute bargains. These are often heavily discounted from their original price, and if you can get an all-in package you'll be able to budget more easily, as you won't have to pay for meals out.


City Break

If you can get cheap accommodation, a city break can be a good way of keeping spending down. It might seem as though everything's expensive in a city, but there are cheap or free ways of entertaining yourself. Many cities are attractions in themselves, so spend days wandering around and enjoying the street life. Also look for the smaller museums, which are generally cheaper.



Finally, if you've always thought camping was a hellish way of spending a vacation, think again. Campsites can be very comfortable nowadays, and there are some really cheap tents around. There are even campsites on the outskirts of some cities, so you can get some really cheap accommodation and still be near the action.

Being on a budget needn't stop you from having a vacation. You will need to be flexible, but there are plenty of ways to travel on the cheap and still have a great time. What would your perfect vacation be like?

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