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Because we are annual pass holders,my husband and I have mastered the art of people watching, which includes classifying the people you meet in Disneyland. After the first two times we entered the park - we went around like crazy to try out all rides - we decided to take things more slowly in subsequent visits. We like visiting on weekdays because there are very few people – except during the summer – and we don’t want to fight our way through the crowd. Been there, done that. We made a list of the people you meet in Disneyland based on our observations:

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The First Timers

The First Timers Hong Kong Disneyland is a gathering place where you see people of all different races and colors, maybe because Hong Kong is easily accessible by all major cities in Asia. The first timers can be easily recognized among all people you meet in Disneyland because they can’t help but take photos in every “land” inside the park, which is of course, “The Happiest Place on Earth”.


Often adorned with iconic Mickey Mouse ears or Disney apparel purchased just moments upon entry, these newcomers radiate unbridled excitement. With park maps unfolded and cameras at the ready, they eagerly chart out their fantasy-filled day. Each ride elicits shrieks of joy and every character sighting sparks a rush for an autograph or a selfie. Standing in awe before Sleeping Beauty's Castle, they embody the magic of Disney, sometimes tearfully overwhelmed by childhood dreams turned reality. Conversations buzz with plans for their next magical experience, proving that the Disney enchantment has indeed cast its timeless spell.


The Loyalists

The Loyalists Guilty as charged here! The loyalists are the annual pass holders who never get tired of visiting Disneyland even if they have visited the theme parks over and over again. They are the ones who make it a point to visit the Disneyland in every country they go to. They are also the ones who memorize the Disney characters and have watched almost every Disney movie.


The Fam Bam

The Fam Bam They’re the most common sight in Disneyland. The “fam bams” can become “the Loyalists” when they make Disneyland their regular travel destination. In this category are the mothers and daughters with their sons and daughters and the grandparents.


The Lookyloos

The Lookyloos People go to the parks to see and more importantly, be seen. At any Disney park you will find people with the most outrageous clothes and hair styles. Since there is television filming going on nearly every day for the Disney Channel and other global TV outlets, it’s important to look your best as you never know who is looking.


The Holiday Goers

The Holiday Goers For many, going to Disneyland is a once a year excursion in which families plan their trip like an invading army on D-Day. Money is saved and allocated for months to maximize their visit and nothing is left to chance. If you don’t want to be in a hoard of people lining up for the brief Winnie The Pooh ride, don’t go during the holidays.


The Groupies

The Groupies Imagine a group of friends going to Disneyland for some bonding time. They were everywhere in Paris when we visited during our honeymoon. Individual members of the groupies love to take selfies, while group photos are never missed. Once in your Disneyland experience, you will be ask to take a photo of them.


The Thrill-seekers

The Thrill-seekers Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain (or Grizzly Gulch in Hong Kong) are their top favorites and they do this repeatedly. They like to measure the fear and entertainment factors in every ride and can’t wait to tell their friends about their experiences. I am a thrill-seeker while Jeff waits outside to pay for my photo that captured me shouting “MORE!”

Have you ever done people watching in Disneyland? Do you encounter the same people I listed here?

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We went some 15 yrs ago.( we live in U.K. ) Two old souls,me using a wheelchair but did we have a great time!? You bet! First in disabled line again and again. Second childhood!

Loved the pictures

yep Disney movies are the best but they are also my fav I have just watched ( Disney fox & the hound) OH how sad for (Tod) he lost his mummy but I'm so glad that his mummy put him down by the old ladies fence and all thanks to big mum and the sparrow and woodpecker

Im going tomorrow!

spoilt brat lol, Disney movies are the best but the ppl who play the voices have a lot of guts to do that for kids about 1& over

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