Travel Tip What to do if Your Gadget is Stolen ...


Travel Tip What to do if Your Gadget is Stolen ...
Travel Tip What to do if Your Gadget is Stolen ...

Personal gadgets have become so much more than something that’s handy to have. For many of us losing our Smartphone, tablet or even MP3 player would be a major blow. Imagine the data loss you would suffer. A recent study identified just how many of us lost personal gadgets whilst traveling and the results are quite startling.

Based on a study of 5620 respondents, the survey revealed the following percentages of people who have lost personal gadgets in the preceding 12 months:

Smartphone owners – 42%
MP3 Player owners – 33%
Tablet owners – 29%
Laptop owners – 19%

Of these, the following percentages are those that have lost personal gadgets whilst traveling:

Smartphone owners – 39%
MP3 Player owners – 28%
Tablet owners – 17%
Laptop owners – 8%

It is obviously difficult to juggle luggage, tickets, maybe children, even time and all the other travel accoutrements that are cumbersome upon us but, the sad fact is that 82% of these lost personal gadgets are never recovered. Add to this the fact that the survey also found that 42% of Smartphone owners don’t protect their device with a password and 74% of the lost Smartphones are not insured and you can see just the extent to which not having access to your personal data is disruptive.

The conductors of the survey were AVG Technologies and they have very helpfully provided the following tips to minimize data loss when your personal gadgets are stolen whilst traveling:

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Back-up Your Data: in Many Cases Lost Phones Are Gone Forever, so It’s Important to Make Sure That You Have Recent Copies of Important Information so That Should You Need to Replace a Missing Device, You Can Instantly Bounce Back to Normal


Store It Someplace Secure, That You Can Easily Check. the Quicker You Are Able to Realize That You Have Misplaced Your Phone or Tablet, the More Likely It Will Be That You Will Be Able to Retrieve It. Also, Make It a Habit to Physically See or Feel Your Phone before Leaving Public Transit


Use a Password! so Many Smartphones Are Not Password Protected, Giving Thieves Easy Access to All of a Consumer’s Personal Information. without Exception, Passwords Should Be Mandatory Operating Procedure for Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets and Any Other Mobile Device with Valuable Data


Buy Insurance. Don’t Say, “oh That Could Never Happen to Me” Because Anyone Can Lose Personal Gadgets. at the Very Least Use a Product like AVG Mobilation Free for Androids, Which Help You to Find and Protect Your Phone if It’s Lost or Stolen

Neither AWS nor AVG Technologies can guarantee that you won’t lose personal gadgets whilst traveling but the advice will certainly minimize the risk. Thank you to Crisel Ortiz at MSR Communications for sharing this with Allwomenstalk.

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