Travel Tip How to Pack Your Travel First Aid Kit ...


Travel Tip How to Pack Your Travel First Aid Kit ...
Travel Tip How to Pack Your Travel First Aid Kit ...

How to pack your travel first aid kit is one of those essential questions that many of us forget to ask. Packing is the one time we should give thought to all the less enjoyable aspects of our holiday. Once we’ve completed the packing we can simply get on with having a good time knowing we are fully prepared for anything that may go wrong. Having a worry free vacation – especially if you have kids in tow – comes from preparation and that includes a travel first aid kit.

So how to pack your travel first aid kit means deciding whether you are going to push all the necessaries in gaps in your main luggage or deciding to have a suitable receptacle for it all to go in. But let’s deal with the basics. We’re not talking about having the supplies to deal with a major accident or incident here. Unless you’re backpacking to the deep depths of outer beyond, your travel first aid kit will be to deal with minor problems or to provide temporary relief until medical assistance is received.

According to website The Travellers Lounge these are the items that you should include in your travel first aid kit:

Plasters (Band Aids)
Tubular bandages
Elasticized support bandage
Micropore tape
Melolin dressings (non sticky)
Butterfly closures (for open wounds)
Stronger painkiller (Ibuprofen)
Diarrhea tablets
Rehydration tablets (Diarolyte)
Malaria Pills
Antihistamine tablets
Iodine (for small cuts etc)
Travel sickness pills
Vaseline (for ticks/cracked heels)
Sterile hypodermic needles
Antiseptic Wipes
Antiseptic cream
Cold & flu tablets

It may seem this list makes for a hefty travel first aid kit. I wondered why on earth it should include sterilized hypodermic needles but research showed me this was recommended if you are traveling to places here healthcare may not be the best. Having your own needles reduces the risk of infection (including HIV).

The decisions you make on what to pack in a travel first aid kit should be based on your intended destination – obviously if you are going to a five star all inclusive resort you will require a much smaller kit than if you’re trekking the Andes and you can ignore a few items on the above list.

Finally, the last and probably most important part of your travel first aid kit is your holiday insurance. For the dollars it costs, the benefits should anything untoward happen are immeasurable. Just imagine if you or your child has to have an air ambulance home.

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