10 Top Tips for Winter Driving ...


10 Top Tips for Winter Driving ...
10 Top Tips for Winter Driving ...

You are going to find winter driving tips helpful if you live anywhere that has extremes of seasonal weather, or if you go on vacation to somewhere with a wintry climate very different to the one you experience at home. Winter can bring a number of driving issues that don’t come about during the rest of the year. The colder weather can affect your car and the road, so it is good to be prepared with these winter driving tips.

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Be Seen

The first and most important of all the winter driving tips is to make sure other drivers can see you coming. One of the biggest mistake drivers make is they don’t switch their lights on early enough. Shorter days mean you need to be more aware of how visible you are.



Your car’s tires are a major factor of being able to drive safely in winter. It is important that in ice and slippery conditions you have the best traction (grip), so ensure your tires have at least a 2mm tread.



Your spare tire is just as important as the four you’re currently driving on. Check its tread is also a minimum of 2mm and also, check the air pressure. Ensure you also carry a jack – a spare is no use if you can’t put it on!


Snow Chains

Any comprehensive tips for winter driving must indicate the importance of snow chains. In many places, they are essential due to the difficult road conditions. Snow chains should be fitted just before snow falls but remember to remove them as soon as possible, otherwise they can cause damage to roads and streets not covered in snow.


Windscreen Wipers

Good wipers in a blizzard can mean the difference between an accident and getting home safely. The cold causes rubber to deteriorate faster, so as part of your winter driving checks, make sure you replace your wipers if they are worn out or are showing signs of wear and tear.



Prepare for winter driving by adding anti-freeze to your car radiator before the weather begins to get really cold. This is an essential aspect of car maintenance year round but is especially important once the snow starts to fall.



Looking through the front window and seeing a lone crack is problematic at the best of times, but in the winter these can lengthen when the frost gets inside. Drivers who don’t follow these good tips for winter driving tend to pay out much more for the repairs if they allow the cold to damage the glass further.



Although these tips can help you defend against the hazards of winter driving, nothing can replace a good servicing. Any minor problems to do with your vehicle rarely manifest themselves during the summer months, but in the winter they become an extremely pressing issue. At best you are hit with a very hefty repair bill, but at worst you end up crashing into a tree.


Emergency Kit

If you are left stranded during the colder months, it could take hours before someone in a tow truck comes to save you. Carry a warm blanket and a first aid kit in your car. If you’re going on a lengthy journey, it’s always good to have some warm tea or coffee in a flask should the worst happen.



Most people ignore chips in the paintwork or dents. Of course, throughout the year many aesthetic defects don’t impact your car or your driving, but in the winter things change. One of the most essential winter driving tips in a monetary sense, is to get these fixed because the moisture can soon penetrate the bodywork and promote rust.

With these tips for driving in winter you should be well prepared for snowy, icy and slippery roads. We’d love to hear from you if you have more good advice for winter drivers.

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Great liast! And yes! Definitely watch your speed! Take your time! Leave a little early if its snowing so you can slow down. Also, don't let your gas tank get too low in case, God forbid, you're stuck somewhere and need heat while you wait for help!

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, so I have lots of experience with winter driving! These are all great tips. You just have to remember to take your time

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