9 Top Tips for How to Prepare for Your First Ski Vacation ...


Your first ski vacation! How very exciting. Your first ski vacation is truly something to look forward to. The rush of being able to glide across soft powder and enjoy spectacular alpine views cannot be underestimated. But, the excitement can also mask how easy it is to make mistakes when you’re planning and booking you first ski holiday. I’ve gathered up the best tips I know and those from industry experts to help you prepare for your first ski vacation so that it is the magical experience it should be and everything you hope it to be.

1. Borrow the Equipment

It can be expensive to equip yourself for skiing and if you have not been before, you are taking the risk it could be a waste of money. What if you decide it is a one-time only thing and you don’t actually fall in love with skiing? For your first ski vacation, everything should be borrowed or rented. No one but you will know that. If you do decide you’ll be going on more ski vacations you can then make the investment in your own gear.

Don’t Self Cater
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