20 Top Tips for First Time Travelers ...


Tips for first time travelers are vital titbits of information that come directly from seasoned travelers who have been there done that, and are washing the car with the t-shirt. Heed the advice for new travelers, especially if you are crossing right over the language and cultural barrier, which can be very overwhelming. To make sure your initial experience goes with a bang here are 20 Top Tips for First Time Travelers:

1. Travel Light

This is an especially important tip for first time travelers because if you get it right from the off, your entire traveling life will be so much easier. Less is always more when traveling. Pack like a pro and just take the bare minimum. You may have long waits hanging around in airports, or may arrive at your destination where you have kilometers to walk with all of your belongings, with nobody to help you, to get to your transport. Pack lightly and take only what you need so you don’t regret it later.

Affordable Accommodation
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