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I'm writing tips to enjoy your babymoon because trust me, it will be quite some time before you can go on a trip again with your partner once the baby is born. Yes, babymoon, that vacation you take with your partner or spouse before the baby is born. I had two international and several domestic babymoon trips when I was pregnant with my fraternal twins, so I know all about it. Here are seven tips to enjoy your babymoon.

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Make It Affordable

I read several tips to enjoy your babymoon when my belly was carrying Nick and Toni, and almost every article told me that my babymoon need not be expensive. I totally agree. You do not need to fly somewhere exotic; it can be a picnic at the park or a museum visit – anything that gets you and your lovey relaxed and together before the bundle of joy invades the home.


Try People Watching

In a trip to Hong Kong while five months in the family way, my husband said we should go to Disneyland and just sit in one of the cafes and do people watching. It’s when you just let the world go by as you observe people walking, talking, running, crying, screaming and laughing that makes you appreciate the beauty of life.


Stay in Touch with Your OB

You are on a vacation but remember, you are pregnant. Remember to keep your doctor in the loop. See her before you fly and discuss matters with her. Generally, the second trimester is the safest pregnancy period.


Do Not Forget Your Medical Certificate and Your Baby Book

Because you will need them. Make sure to call your airline in advance and inquire about their policy in taking pregnant passengers. Most airlines refuse carriage of preggies who are 34 weeks and above. They usually make you sign a Special Handling Form accompanied by a medical certificate stating that you are fit to travel.


Avoid Crowded Places

Take a destination that is relaxing and quiet. This is really my bias because you will have a lot of screaming and crying in the house when your baby joins the family. I chose the beach on a weekday because there are not many people around. Also make it a habit to check where the nearest restroom is so you will know where to find it when you need your breaks.


Move but Rest in between

You need to be mobile to keep the circulation going but please, do not overdo it. Rest when you need it. Avoid crossing your legs to lessen the risk of blood clots. When resting, keep your legs elevated to prevent leg cramps and swelling.


Wear the Weather

Lastly, dress according to the weather. This is another way of telling you to do your research. Also, make sure that the clothes you are wearing do not restrict movement. Wear comfortable walking shoes as they will be your best friends. If you are just staying in a resort and lounging and swimming and sipping on your fruit juice (check that you do not have gestational diabetes!), then you might as well wear slippers or just go on barefoot.

Your partner is your ultimate doctor when you are babymooning. He will be your nurse, your valet, your masseuse, your confidante. Trust him and have fun with him. You are in this together. If you are without a partner and are still babymooning with a close friend or family members, by all means, have fun! You are carrying a blessing and your pregnancy is a miracle. You deserve to relax and enjoy!

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Great advice I will keep this in my when I'm babymooning :)

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