7 Tips for Making the Most of a Rail Trip ...


I have always loved trains,so when I happened across some great tips to make the most of a rail trip, I just had to share them with you. I may feel a tad old to go interailing across Europe these days but I still enjoy the thrill of a ride from London to Edinburgh, or an alpine mountain rail journey. If you’ve not considered train travel, these tips for making the most of a rail trip may encourage you to ride those rails.

1. Booking Your Seat

Once you know where you are going, start looking for deals. Booking in advance will be a lot cheaper in many countries and you can find great deals on websites, just like for flights. Sometimes single tickets will be best, but there are times when it will be to your advantage to get a pass. If you are flexible about traveling there will be further savings made as off peak tickets will be a lot cheaper than peak time ones. Make sure that you will be comfortable throughout the journey, and the best way to make the most of a rail trip is to research the levels of comfort in the country you will be traveling in. First class can be very different from place to place, and sometimes first class is what you expect in standard back home.

Travel at the Right Time
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