11 Road Trip Necessities ...


11 Road Trip Necessities ...
11 Road Trip Necessities ...

Taking a road trip with either my friends or family tops my list of favourite past-times, and to make your next road trip equally enjoyable, here is a list of basic road trip necessities you must take with you! Everyone loves getting away and by taking a road trip - you’re able to enjoy not only your destination but also the journey. Whether you’re going across the country or just a few hours away, road trips are a great excuse to let down your hair and to have a bit of an adventure. With this list of 11 road trip necessities you will be able to sit back and relax without having to worry if you remembered to pack everything!

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A Camera

A camera is my number one of all the road trip necessities because how else are you going to capture all your fun and magical moments? From picturesque scenery to your napping friend in the backseat, a camera will help you to document your entire road trip. It’s also a great way to show your friends and family where you have been. I love to take my digital camera with me on road trips but I also always invest in a couple of disposal cameras, which are great fun because you never know how these photos are going to turn out!


Gas Can

A gas can is another absolute must have essential for your next road trip. When road tripping you never know how far you are away from the next gas station, so it always makes me feel a lot safer knowing that if we were to run out of gas we have a spare gas can in the back which we could use. While you are able to call AAA sometimes they are unable to reach you in certain places so a gas can might be just the thing you need to help you get out of a tricky situation.


A Killer Playlist

Whether you choose to have a CD, a mix tape or an iPod, a playlist of your favourite tunes is a necessity for any road trip! Driving on the open road with your favourite tunes blasting is an awesome feeling. With your handy playlist you are able to start sing-a-longs with your mates and it also helps to fill the void when everyone has run out of conversation. Make sure you put a mix of music on there to suit everybody in your car so you have no complaints from anyone and then you can just sit back, relax and listen to your tunes.


A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is another must have necessity for your next road trip. From minor accidents like cut fingers and blisters to more major accidents like broken wrists and noses, a first aid kit has gotten myself and my friends out of many road trip jams! Make sure that your first aid kit is up to date and keep it somewhere easy to reach at all times as you never know when you are going to need it.


Maps, Maps, Maps!

A map is an absolute essential for your next road trip. Your best option is to plan a route however I always take maps of the surrounding areas as well just in case. You never know when you are going to want to make a detour (or worse, get lost!) Google Maps means that you’re able to plan out your exact journey, but a map book works just the same! Either way by taking a map you know that no matter what, you’ll always be able to find out where you are.


Toiletries and Other Essentials

Sunscreen, moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, toilet paper, pads, tampons…these are just some of the things you should remember to take on your road trip. Whenever I go on a road trip I always stock all my toiletries in a handy little hold all so that they are easy to reach and not thrown in the trunk with the rest of the luggage. Be sure to remember any medications as well, so that you don’t have to spend your entire road-trip hunting down a pharmacy!


A Spare Set of Keys

Whether you lose your keys whilst exploring, or even worse, lock them in the car, by having a spare set on you at all times you are safe in knowing you can continue your journey no matter what happens to your keys. The first road trip I ever went on we only took the one set of keys and happened to lose them during a day on the beach-cue to a few hours later when there were six of us digging through piles of sand to find them! Luckily we did and our road trip was able to continue, but from that moment on I always take a spare set with me, just in case.


Audio Book

Another must have especially if you have children! While I recommended a playlist of your favourite music earlier, for really long road trips an audio book is a real lifesaver. It will keep everyone in your car entertained and will help pass those long hours spent on the road.


A Sleeping Mask

I take a sleeping mask wherever I travel and a road trip is no exception! A sleeping mask is handy because you’re able to take a nap whenever you want, even during the day. I know that I’m unable to sleep unless it’s completely dark so by bringing a mask I know that I can catch up on my sleep whenever I need to!


Car Chargers

While I love getting out on the open road and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I always remember to bring a portable mobile phone charger so I know that I’ll have a fully charged mobile just in case I need to use it! Mobile phone chargers aren’t too expensive, and they’re definitely something I recommend investing in before you head out on your road trip!



I always make sure to pack a mix of healthy snacks and my favourite treats to keep me happy and full whist in the car. Before heading on my road trip I always take the time to cut up some veggie sticks, make a fruit salad and pack a container full of trail mix. Then I always stash a few packets of cookies and chips in the car as well when I feel like giving myself a little treat. Either way I know I’m never going to run out of food whilst on my road trip!

So while you're getting ready for your next road trip don't forget these 11 road trip necessities to make your journey perfect! Road trips are the perfect vacation for families and friends alike because it teaches you to not just love the destination but the journey as well! What are your top tips for road trip perfection?

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On my last road trip I forgot to bring q-tips. Not having them for days made me feel so icky!! I couldn't stand not having them, def a must!!

I might use this as a checklist, going on a road trip in january and it's going to be a 10 hour drive to get to the destination! Excited though, can't wait

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