7 Ways to Ensure You Get the Best Seat on the Plane ...


7 Ways to Ensure You Get the Best Seat on the Plane ...
7 Ways to Ensure You Get the Best Seat on the Plane ...

Want to know how to get the best seat on the plane? Not all airplanes are equal and there are definitely good seats and bad seats, even if all passengers have paid the same price. There are some simple tips and tricks to getting seats in the exit rows, window seats or aisle seats, which are the most coveted. Check out these ways to get the best seat on the plane and have a good trip next time you fly.

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Know Your Plane

You can only get the best seat on the plane if you know the plane seating plan and layout. Know what model airplane you will be traveling on, then you might be able to find a seat plan on the airline’s website. If not, you can try seatexpert.com or seatguru.com as they have very detailed cabin configurations for airlines all around the world. These sites also provide reviews of the seats according to various criteria such as location according to bathrooms and galley, seat width, leg room, pitch and row position. For some airlines they also offer a critique of in-flight services and entertainment.


Book Early

The world seems to be about last minute deals and bargains these days, but one of the ways to guarantee a good seat on the plane is to actually book well ahead. Air tickets are generally cheaper the further in advance and also, the nearer it gets to departure, there are fewer seats available for pre-assignment, limiting the choice you have of where to pick to sit.


Don’t Wait until Check in

If you don’t pre-select your seat when purchasing your ticket and wait until check-in, you will have practically little, or even no say in which seat you will be allocated. Most airlines and flight booking engines these days give you the option to select a seat when you book your flight.


Phone Booking

If you can’t find the option for pre-selecting seats online, purchase your ticket over the phone. Look up the seating plan and have it open while the booking agent makes your purchase. You want to make sure that you can check you are happy with any substitutes you are offered if your first choice isn’t available.


Confirm before Traveling

If you’ve done all you know about how to book the best seat on the plane, you don’t want to be thwarted at the last minute, so it is essential to reconfirm your seat a few days before your departure (up to a week ahead). Airlines might switch aircraft and at that time they will re-assign pre-reserved seats. Checking will ensure you can change if you’ve lost your favored location.


Check in Online

There are so many good reasons to check in online and securing your seat is one of them. But, don’t leave anything to chance. Still arrive early at the airport to reduce the chances of losing your allocation.


Ask for an Upgrade

You have to be a bit ballsy to do this. Some airline crew find it rude and annoying to be asked for an upgrade and some of them aren’t authorized to do so anyway. Generally, you need a good reason for an upgrade and the airplane crew will probably initiate it for certain scenarios – such as overbooking, a physical seat issue (malfunction) or an issue with a neighbor. Being on your honeymoon helps. If you are going to ask, do it politely and graciously and don’t get abusive or upset if the answer is no.

Do you follow any of these little ways to ensure you stand a chance to get the best seat on the plane or do you not care where you sit when you fly?

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